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 Single Zone Door Frame Metal Detector

Single Zone Door Frame Metal Detector

Size: Counter & Battery Backup



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A door frame metal detector is a device that detects metal in a person's clothing and alerts security personnel when the person enters a building. The detector is installed in the doorway and scans for metal when a person passes through. The metal detector is usually installed in a doorway in a public place such as an airport, mall, or government building. The detector is typically mounted on the wall and uses a sensor to scan for metal objects. The detector alerts security personnel when the person passes through the doorway and could be wearing a metal object such as a belt buckle, wallet, or phone. The dfmd is able to scan for metals such as steel, iron, and copper.

Type: Single Zone


  • Ramp: Covered with synthetic carpet for long life
  • Passage: 1950mm x 750mm
  • Overall Dimension: 2100mm x 825mm x 200mm
  • Principle: Eddy Current Loss
  • Detection: All ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Power Source: Operating Voltage 230V AC (±) 15% & 12 Volt Dc operation
  • 6 DIGIT Algebric Counter  to count automatically the number of persons passing through the dfmd
  • Built-in rechargeable maintenance free battery back-up with charger


  • Low: Objects like Grenades
  • Medium: Objects like Pistol & Small Weapons
  • High: Objects like Watches, Keys, Mobile Phones, Coins etc.

Silent Features:-

  • High ‘Q’ tuned resonant circuit
  • Lockable single set control knob for initial setting with respect to immediate vicinity and environmental conditions
  • Linear sensitivity control knob for precise setting at desired levels
  • Three level visual indication of metal detection through 10mm LED
  • LED bar graph display shows real time signal level strength
  • Audio alarm through piezo-electric transducer with volume control on detection
  • Walk/Stop Indicator
  • Detect all metals even when concealed in ferrite container.

Material: Wooden

CE Certified 

Made in India  

100% Genuine Product 

Excellent Quality 

Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals  

1 year warranty 


 Shipping Details  

•Dispatched in 2-3 days.  

•Estimated Delivery within 1-7 days 

•Note: Delivery of orders may take longer due to region-wise lockdown and diversion of routes.  

•Exchange Applicable against manufacturing defect.  

•NOTE: There might be a slight variation in the shade of the actual product and the image shown on the screen, due to the screen resolution and photography effects. 

•Quantity - 1pc  

•Country of Origin: India

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